Idaho man makes 2,919 consecutive catches while juggling axes

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Nov. 15 (UPI) -- An Idaho man with a talent for breaking Guinness World Records recaptured one of his previously-held titles by making 2,919 consecutive catches while juggling axes.

David Rush, who has broken more than 200 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, previously held the record for most consecutive ax juggling catches in 2018, when he achieved 839 consecutive catches.


Rush's record was beaten in 2020 by Utah man Benjamin Snow, who completed 937 catches in a single juggling session.

Rush said he wanted to completely "crush" the record with his latest attempt, and he managed 2,919 consecutive catches -- juggling for a total 21 minutes and 11 seconds before he dropped an ax.

Rush said he recaptured the record in celebration of Guinness World Records Day, which is Wednesday.

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