Firefighters baffled by kangaroo on roof of Queensland home

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Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Firefighters in Australia said a kangaroo that appeared to be trapped on the roof of a home ended up rescuing itself -- but how it got onto the house remains a mystery.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services firefighters said they were initially skeptical when a call came in reporting a kangaroo stranded on the roof of a Mount Isa home.


"We thought it was a hoax when we got the call, but sure enough, when we showed up, there it was on the roof," firefighter Patrick Buck told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Firefighters prepared to mount a rescue to bring the marsupial back down to the ground.

"We went up with all our harnesses and rescue equipment, but as soon as we got there he went off the end of the roof and jumped down into some shrubs," Buck told

Firefighters said the kangaroo left the area on its own, but rescuers were left perplexed as to how the animal got onto the roof of the house in the first place.

"We still don't know how it got on the roof, it's a mystery," Buck said.


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