Steer spared slaughter after water slide adventure in Brazil

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Nov. 10 (UPI) -- A cattle farmer in Brazil said a steer that escaped slaughter and ended up on the water slide at a neighboring club will now be kept as a pet.

Carlos Miguel Serante said the 2-year-old steer escaped from his cattle farm in Nova Granada and made its way to the neighboring Indaia Club de Campo, where the animal ended up climbing to the top of a water slide at the pool.


The steer slid halfway down the slide before coming to a stop.

Video from the scene shows a man roping the steer and leading it the rest of the way down the slide and into the water.

Serante said the bovine's adventure has made it into a local celebrity. He said the steer had been scheduled to be slaughtered, but will now be kept as a pet.

"I looked to see if he had any injuries, but he's fine. He'll stay here because of the people. The people want to know where he is. He's been the attraction. Everyone wants to know. We want to take him to the club," the farmer told news outlet G1.


The steer has now been dubbed "Toboga," a Portuguese word for "slide."

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