Herd of cows wandering loose through Hawaiian community

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Nov. 2 (UPI) -- Residents of a Hawaiian community said a herd of cows has been wandering their neighborhoods for weeks.

At least three cows were spotted on Halloween wandering through residential yards in Makakilo, and the bovines were caught on camera by local woman Feena Bonoan, who posted the footage to Facebook.


"Are you missing cows in Makakilo?" Bonoan wrote.

Another resident reported seeing at least 10 cows at the Makakilo community park on another occasion.

Residents said the cows have been wandering for weeks.

"It's one of those things that every afternoon or every early morning you hear them mooing for the deck," resident Carlos Ochoa told KHON-TV. "And it's pretty neat, you know, I am from Texas so it's like it reminds me of home."

Nicole Galase, managing director of the Hawaii Cattlemen's Council, said the owners of the cows are working to try to wrangle the bovines.

Galase said drought conditions are leading the cows to seek new grazing locations.

"When we are in a severe drought condition, when they see water or green grass on the other side, the cattle will try to break that fence," she said.


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