California man wades into floodwaters to rescue drowning kitten

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Oct. 29 (UPI) -- A California man waded out into floodwaters to rescue a struggling kitten from drowning, and his wife caught the moment on video.

Skip Campbell, who lives in the Cottage Park area of Sacramento, said his wife, Nancy, heard a noise outside during the recent flooding so he went out to investigate.


Campbell told KTXL-TV he looked into the flooded street "and saw a little head bobbing up."

The Campbells said the kitten was struggling to keep its head above water and didn't look like it was going to be able to last much longer, so Skip waded out into the flood.

"It was about waist high. And I was just real careful, because it does drop off about 3 feet away from where I'm at," he said. "And that's where it drops into the creek bed."

Nancy Campbell filmed as her husband grabbed the feline by the scruff and carried it back to the house.

The Campbells said neighbors have expressed an interest in adopting the cat.

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