Scottish man finds second message in a bottle from Canada

By Jonna Lorenz
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Oct. 22 (UPI) -- A man walking on a beach in Scotland found a message in a bottle and discovered it was the second such message to travel across the Atlantic Ocean from the same man in Canada.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis, a 48-year-old Uig resident, posted about the discovery on Facebook, seeking help translating the message, which was written in French. He found the bottle washed up on the beach during a recent outing at Cliff Beach with friends and family.


"They wanted to go to the beach, so we just quite randomly chose Cliff Beach," he said, according to The Press and Journal. "There are lots of different beaches you can go to, so it was sheer chance that we ended up on this one."

Eaton-Lewis initially thought the bottle was trash left behind from a picnic. But a closer look revealed it had barnacles stuck to it with a note inside dated Jan. 26, 2020.

The message, signed by Andre Huet of Quebec, Canada, and placed inside a plastic bag, wasn't the first to be sent across the Atlantic Ocean by the same man.

Last year, a woman participating in a beach cleaning event in Portland, England, made a similar discovery. Mary Bird found a bottle on the beach containing a note in French inside a plastic bag from Andre Huet.


"I'm going to send a letter to Andre Huet tomorrow, with my email address," Eaton-Lewis posted on Facebook. "Hoping he'll get back to me."

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