Dog rescued from cave in New York park after five days

Oct. 14 (UPI) -- A New Jersey rescue team descended into a rocky crevice inside a New York state park to rescue a dog that was trapped for five days.

The New Jersey Initial Response Team said specialist cave rescuers worked together with the Ulster County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Minnewaska State Park Preserve forest rangers to plan the rescue of a dog who fell into a narrow crevice at the park.


The NJIRT said the 12-year-old dog, named Liza, had been walking with her owner in the park when the canine got loose and fell into the opening. The owner couldn't see the dog inside the cave, but could still hear Liza barking.

Two members of the rescue team descended more than 40 feet into the crevice and were able to use a plumbing camera to locate Liza. They used a modified, extended catch pole to reach Liza and lift her to safety.

The NJIRT said Liza had been without food or water for five days, but was not seriously injured.

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