Alligator steals 7-year-old angler's fish and pole

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Oct. 1 (UPI) -- A Florida 7-year-old who hooked a bass while fishing with his dad ended up losing his catch -- and his pole -- when an alligator darted out of the water and grabbed the fish.

Sean McMahon posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when he and his son, Dawson, were fishing behind their Palm Coast home.


The video shows McMahon encouraging his son as he battles with a large bass on the end of his line.

"He's a fighter," Dawson says in the footage.

The boy finally manages to drag the fish onto land, but an alligator suddenly darts out of the water and grabs the fish in its jaws.

Dawson drops his pole and flees from the gator, which swims back out into the water -- taking the fish and pole with it.

"Dawson caught a bass tonight and out of nowhere an alligator came up, ate the bass and ripped his pole into the water," McMahon wrote in the Facebook post.

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