High schoolers help police round up escaped goat herd in Colorado

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Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Police in Colorado said some helpful high schoolers came to the assistance of an animal protection officer when a herd of goats got loose from a city park.

The Boulder Police Department said in a Facebook post that the goats were being used to get rid of weeds at Harlow Platts Park, but they got loose from their pen on Thursday when someone tampered with the electric fence keeping them contained.


Animal Protection Officer Stacey Ward responded to the scene with a park ranger and attempted to round up the wandering goats.

The police department said a nearby group of high schoolers came to the duo's assistance and helped corral and leash the animals.

"After they were back in the pen, they realized three goats were missing! Thankfully, they were found at nearby Southern Hills Middle School where a teacher was holding the 'baaa-d' goats," the post said.

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