Ring lost for 10 years found outside Texas high school

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Aug. 11 (UPI) -- A Texas man's college ring was returned to its owner a decade after being lost when a teenager found it on the ground outside his high school.

Avery Compton, a sophomore at Pecos High School, said he was walking outside the school when he spotted an object on the ground that warranted closer inspection.


"We happened to walk by the corner of the school, and I just saw something sticking out of the ground, so I picked it up and it happened to be a ring," Compton told KWES-TV.

"So later that day, I decided I'd clean it at home and it turned out pretty nice, pretty sparkly, and later on my mom knew someone who found out who it belongs to."

The friend was able to put Compton's mother in contact with the ring's owner, Andy Gomez.

"They found [out] who it was, and then my mom started talking to them," Compton said. "Then, the next day, we went and returned it and they were super thankful. "He had lost that ring about 10 years ago, so it's been a while since they last saw it."


"We just never stopped [looking]," Gomez said. "We didn't know where we lost it, so we didn't know where to look. We looked all over the house, and there's no telling where it went. and it ended up at the high school, according to Avery, and I guess he found it."

Gomez said he is thankful for the teenager's kind gesture.

"I couldn't believe it," Gomez said. "I mean I never thought I'd see this ring again, and all of a sudden it shows up and Avery found it. He cleaned it up, and then he brought it back to me, and I really appreciated it. I thought I'd never see that ring again."

A New York man was recently able to facilitate a similar reunion when he found a class ring that had been lost for 46 years. Dan Milovich said he was out searching with his metal detector when he found a Nichols School class of 1975 ring.

The ring was eventually returned to its owner, who now lives in Colorado. The owner said the ring had been lost for 46 years.

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