Wisconsin man marks 32,340 Big Macs eaten since 1972

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Aug. 6 (UPI) -- A Wisconsin man who has held the Guinness World Record for lifetime Big Mac consumption since 1999 had his record updated with his latest total: 32,340.

Donald Gorske, of Fond du Lac, said he averages two of the McDonald's signature sandwiches a day, and he's been making them a part of his routine since 1972.


Guinness World Records recognized him as the record holder for most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime in 1999, and the record-keeping organization said he has now broken his own record with a total 32,340.

Gorske said he keeps the packages and receipts from every burger.

"Don Gorske did not tell me about his Big Mac obsession when we first met, I'm not sure It was quite an obsession then, he ate Big Macs every day. Sometimes I would even bring him a Big Mac, I just didn't realize it would go on forever," Gorske's wife, Mary, told Guinness.

Gorske said his love affair with the sandwich began when he got his first car.

"I drove straight to McDonald's, got my first three Big Macs, then got in the car and ate them. In that moment I said 'I'm going to probably eat these for the rest of my life.' I through the cartons in the back of my seat, and started counting them from day one," Gorske said.


Gorske said he keeps healthy by skipping the French fries and walking about 6 miles every day.

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