New Jersey house cleaner accidentally breaks into wrong home, cleans up

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July 14 (UPI) -- A New Jersey man who cleans homes to supplement his income shared the story of how he accidentally went to the wrong townhouse -- and left it spotless.

Louis Angelino III, 27, of Barrington, said he works a regular job at a liquor store, but lately he has been cleaning homes for friends to make extra money.


Angelino, who detailed the saga in a TikTok video, said he was due to clean a home for a friend named Mark in Cherry Hill, and he arrived to find the key in the expected place under the doormat.

He spent 2 1/2 hours cleaning the townhouse and was playing with the cats when Mark called to ask if he had been able to clean his home.

"I said 'I'm literally in your living room right now playing with your cats and waiting for you to walk in,' and he was like 'Louis, I don't have any cats,'" Angelino told

"In that moment, I froze. My heart dropped. I was just like, 'Where am I right now? What is going on?'"

Angelino said he realized he had written down Mark's address incorrectly. He said the address was off by a single digit.


Mark arrived home and left a note for his neighbors explaining what happened. Beth Motzel said her husband, Tom, arrived home first and called her.

"He said, 'You won't believe it. Someone broke in our house and cleaned the entire thing, he said Swiffer and all,'" Beth Motzel told WCBS-TV.

Motzel said she and her husband were amused by the mix-up.

"Tom and I laughed forever about it. He fixed it all up. I mean, details, he cleaned up after the cats, played with the cats, fed the cats and wiped everything spotless. He really is a cleaning fairy," Beth Motzel said.

Angelino texted Motzel to apologize for the mistake, and Motzel said she will keep his number on hand for future cleaning needs.

She dubbed him the "Cleaning Fairy," a brand Angelino is now embracing for his cleaning business. He said he is crowdfunding to make T-shirts to promote his services.

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