Bystander finds, returns butcher shop's lost bank deposit

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July 13 (UPI) -- The owners of a Michigan butcher shop said an envelope of cash that was supposed to be taken to the bank ended up instead at the side of a road, where it was recovered by a bystander and returned to the shop.

Tim Sobie, owner of Sobie Meats in Walker, said he and his wife, Teresa, were frantically searching for the deposit bag after they apparently dropped it somewhere inside or just outside of the store, but they could find no trace of the wayward cash.


"We looked everywhere retracing our steps," Sobie wrote on the business' Facebook page. "All our employees were looking for it all day. Just sick inside that it was misplaced somewhere."

The business owner did not reveal how much cash was in the pouch.

"So it was enough that it was -- it would have hurt, not having that deposit to go to the bank, like anybody else," he told WXMI-TV.

"If you took one of your days of pay away, it would hurt, right? So yeah, that would have stung. So we're just so grateful that he turned that back in."


Sobie said he breathed a sigh of relief when a man came in just before closing and handed over the envelope.

Security camera footage later revealed the man had been driving past the store when he saw the envelope on the ground and stopped to pick it up.

"He had never been in the shop before ... and he was doing an act of kindness like that," Sobie said. "So that was pretty, pretty phenomenal."

Sobie said the gave the man a gift card as a reward.

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