Minnesota man breaks a second Mohawk world record

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May 28 (UPI) -- A Minnesota man who held the Guinness World Record for tallest Mohican, or fan Mohawk, hair style had some adjustments made to capture a second record for the world's tallest spike Mohawk.

Joe Grisamore set his first record in 2020, when his fan Mohawk was measured at 42.5 inches tall.


Grisamore said his stylist, Kay Jettmann, and his wife, Laura Grisamore, helped him mold his now 50.9-inch hair into the world's tallest spike Mohawk.

"Kay and I had worked for a long time, as far as how to make this all happen," Grisamore told KARE-TV. "We just [did] it without ratting it, laying on the floor -- different hair sprays -- I don't know, it was a big trial and error."

Grisamore's hair now holds two Guinness records.

"Of the two titles that exist, I now hold them both," Grisamore said. "Laura wanted me to be humble and not do the second one. I figured if it's out there and it exists, let's make it happen!"

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