Moose rescued from backyard pool in Ontario

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May 18 (UPI) -- Firefighters and wildlife officers responded to a home in Ontario where a moose had jumped over a backyard fence and ended up in the swimming pool.

Kelsey Heikkila said she and her two children were inside their Garson home when they heard a loud crashing noise followed by a splash.


"My immediate thought was, OK, both my kids are inside, so who's in my pool?" Heikkila told the North Bay Nugget.

She said it took her a few moments to identify the animal standing in her swimming pool.

"I'm like, is that a horse? No, it's a donkey. And then I realized, holy crap, it's a moose," she said.

A neighbor reported seeing the moose fleeing from a pursuing truck before vaulting over Heikkila's fence.

Personnel from Greater Sudbury Fire Services and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry responded to the home and used pumps to remove the stagnant water from the pool.

"We brought in our volume pumps to get the water out of there; it was a bit difficult because there was a lot of debris so our pumps and the ministry's pumps kept getting clogged up," GSFS Deputy Chief Jesse Oshell told


"We needed to remove the water because the concern the MNR had was that if they were going to sedate the moose they didn't want it falling into the water," he said.

Oshell posted photos from the rescue to Twitter.

Conservation officers tranquilized the moose.

"A couple of guys jumped in once she was knocked out and then it took about 10 or 12 of them to carry her out," Heikkila said.

Oshell said the moose will be released back into the wild once it has recovered from the sedative and receives a clean bill of health from the MNR.

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