Police respond to report of home intruder, find robot vacuum

April 20 (UPI) -- Police responding to a report of an intruder at a California home broke down the front door and stormed the house to find the suspected burglar was actually the owner's robot vacuum.

Yana Sydnor said she and her 2-year-old daughter were sleeping at their Natomas home when she was awakened by a sound she thought was an intruder in her home.


"Say about 1 a.m., I hear over my meditation music, 'Boom, boom, boom,'" Sydnor told KOVR-TV.

Sydnor said she texted friends to tell them there was a burglar in her home.

"I was like, 'Hey, someone is in my house,' and they were like, 'Call the police.' I was like, 'Oh yeah, yeah, call the police.'"

Sydnor called 911 and hid in the bathroom with her daughter.

She said she heard police break down her front door moments later, followed by the sound of laughter.

The police discovered the suspected intruder was the family's robot vacuum.

"My son turned on the vacuum cleaner because he didn't want to do chores before he left for the weekend. We hadn't used this vacuum in almost two years. It went down the stairs," Sydnor said.


A North Carolina couple ended up in a similar situation in December 2019 when they heard what they believed to be an intruder in their home.

Thomas Milam of Forsyth County said he and his partner had only had their robot vacuum for three days when they heard the noise inside their home and hid in a closet until police arrived and identified the tool as the cause of the noise.

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