April Fools' Day roundup: Velveeta skin care, Duolingo toilet paper

April 1 (UPI) -- Several brands got into the April Fools' Day spirit Thursday with pranks including a Velveeta skin care cheese, cauliflower-flavored Peeps and a dog poop-scented candle.

It's become a tradition online for brands to mark April 1 with hoax announcements, fake products and tongue-in-cheek commercials. This year's April Fools' Day featured some head-turning -- and, in come cases, stomach-turning -- announcements from brands including Burger King, Velveeta, Siggi's, Green Giant and Lego.


Here are 10 of the best online April Fools' Day 2021 gags:

V by Velveeta

Velveeta invited customers to "feel the magnificence of melty moisturization" with a line of "V by Velveeta" skin care products, including cheese-based moisturizer, renewal serum and nourishing night cream.

Siggi's fish jerky

Siggi's, famous for its line of Icelandic yogurt, announced two other Icelandic delicacies would soon be joining its line of products: Fish jerky products known as harofiskur. The haddock and cod-flavored jerkies will not be coming to a store near you anytime soon.


Green Giant's cauliflower Peeps

Vegetable company Green Giant announced it was partnering with Peeps to bring cauliflower-flavored marshmallow candy to market for Easter. The company admitted the product was merely an April Fools' gag, but asked Twitter followers: "Who still would've tried it out?"

Chosen Foods' guacamole toothpaste

Chosen Foods, a company known best for its avocado-based products, announced the creation of "GuacPaste" -- guacamole-flavored toothpaste. The company said the toothpaste is "guaranteed to brighten your smile, enlighten your tastebuds and freshen your breath with aromatic savory flavors."

Candle No. 2 from The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog, a company that creates pet food from fresh ingredients, unveiled Candle No. 2, a candle bearing a "fresh, subtly stool-scented fragrance from The Farmer's Dog." The candle is listed as a product on the company's website, but is marked as "not yet available." Don't hold your breath.

Burger King's sourdough abominations

Fast food chain Burger King tweeted photos of a fictional line of sourdough sandwiches containing fillings such as Hershey Pie, cheesy tots, minishakes, chicken fries, chocolate chip cookies, French fries and onion rings.

Lego SmartBricks

Toy company Lego marked the day with the announcement of a product every parent might wish was real: "SmartBricks" that, when left on the floor, will scatter away from the unprotected feet of a person walking through the plastic minefield.

Surfshark for Windows 95

Surfshark, a company that provides virtual private networks for safer Internet browsing, released a retro-style commercial announcing the release of a new version for computers still running on Windows 95. The VPN "only takes five floppy disks to install," the commercial boasts.


Bud Light's pizza-flavored seltzer

Bud Light, which released a line of hard seltzers in 2020, tweeted a hoax ad for a new line of pizza seltzers in flavors including pepperoni, anchovies, veggie and extra cheese. The company later tweeted that it was "scary how many of you actually wanted to try these."

Duolingo Roll

Language-learning app Duolingo unveiled a product to help users learn new languages while using the bathroom: Duolingo Roll toilet paper. The company joked the tissue-based language lessons would turn "your bathroom into a classroom."

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