Boat comes loose at English harbor, gets stuck in the mud

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March 30 (UPI) -- A 262-foot ship came loose from one of its mooring lines in a British harbor and ended up partially blocking the waterway when it became grounded.

Officials at Littlehampton Harbor in England said the ship, called the Elise, started drifting early Tuesday morning when one of its mooring lines parted and the vessel ended up grounded sideways across the waterway.


A harbor spokesman said the River Arun is still open for navigation, as tugboats were able to move it enough to make space for vessels to travel between the Elise and the west bank.

The spokesman said the ship became grounded in mud for its entire length, but is expected to float again once the high tide comes in Tuesday. He said the ship will be moved to a different berth at the harbor once it is afloat again.

The ship did not appear to be damaged and there were no injuries resulting from its unexpected wandering.

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