Loose baboon spotted wandering South African suburbs

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March 29 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in South Africa are warning residents in the Johannesburg area to steer clear of a loose baboon wandering into urban neighborhoods.

The baboon has been spotted wandering loose in suburbs including Emmarentia, Northcliff and Roosevelt Park, and witnesses reported the primate was seen perched on the roof of a local hospital.


Security company Suburban Control Center posted a video to Facebook showing the baboon climbing into a gated community in Roosevelt Park.

Cora Bailey, founder of rescue group Community Led Animal Welfare, or CLAW, said the male baboon likely left his troop when he came of age and now is searching for a new community.

"Baboons live in huge family groups and when the males become adults they cannot stay with the troop any longer. In order for genetic diversity, males leave the troop. Sometimes they are ousted, sometimes they leave on their own," Bailey said in a statement provided to The South African.

"This is the case with this baboon and he is not the first: A lot of them seem to follow the same route."

Bailey urged anyone who spots the baboon to keep a safe distance and contact CLAW, so the animal can be safely relocated.


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