Kansas man ordered to remove giant Chiefs mural from side of home

March 19 (UPI) -- A Kansas man who turned his love for the Kansas City Chiefs into a giant mural on the side of his house said the city has ordered him to take it down.

Chris Chancey said he spent about 60 hours painting the mural of Chiefs players Patrick Mahomes, Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz on the side of his Kansas City home to commemorate the team's 2020 Super Bowl victory.


"We don't have any HOA here. We don't have any restrictions that I know of. I just thought I'm going to paint my house, so let's have some fun," Chancey told KTVI-TV.

Chancey said he received a letter from the city giving him until March 31 to remove the mural.

The letter told Chancey that mural signs are not allowed in areas zoned as residential.

"Escalating penalties from $100 to $1,500. They even went as far as to say that they can take a lien against my property," Chancey said.

He said he was going to paint over the mural, but a friend suggested a different idea.

"I had a friend who's been in the back of my ear telling me that he wants it. He wants to buy it. He wants to steal it off of my house," he said.


"I called him this morning and told him and said, 'You've got 13 days. The city told me I got to get rid of it in 13 days, so you got 13 days.' And he said he'll have a crew out here next week," Chancey said.

The city responded to the controversy:

"Fans can all agree this Chiefs mural is awesome! Unfortunately, murals, including awesome ones like this, are not allowed in residential (R1) areas per the City's Code of Ordinances," Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City said in a statement to KSHB-TV.

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