Loose ram chases Ontario cyclist down rural road

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March 15 (UPI) -- An Ontario cyclist captured video of his unusual encounter with a loose ram that chased him for more than half a mile down the road.

Keith Ailey said he was riding his bike on a road just west of Thunder Bay when he spotted a dark-colored animal at the side of the road ahead of him.


"It was pretty big for a dog and really hairy. I see lots of dogs and it was too small for a bear," Ailey told CBC News.

Ailey said the animal, which he quickly realized was a ram, watched attentively as he rode past.

"As soon as I went past him, he did a full-on sprint," Ailey said. "He was kind of charging and making some some grunts or pretty deep baas at the very least."

Ailey captured video of the ram running after him.

"He was running after me and if I slowed down, he would speed up. And I thought, I wonder if he's going to give me a good shot here," he said.

Ailey said the ram chased him for more than half a mile before a truck traveling in the other direction captured the animal's attention.


"He kind of went over to the truck and and hung out with him for a little bit," Ailey said. "And I pedaled off. And that was my experience."

Ailey said he doesn't know where the ram came from, as he isn't aware of any farms that have sheep in the area.

"Hopefully he made his way back home, but I couldn't tell you for certain," he said.

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