N.C. transport officials: Flyover bridge wall is not leaning, despite illusion

March 5 (UPI) -- Officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation are assuring residents that a wall holding up a new flyover bridge in Raleigh is not leaning, despite an optical illusion that makes it appear so.

Some drivers who observed the wall holding up the bridge from Interstate 440 West to Interstate 40 East in Raleigh appears to be slightly leaning, but NCDOT officials said the appearance is an optical illusion that resulted from the wall being built on a curve.


"The wall has been inspected several times over the last year and we have found no issues to date," NCDOT spokesman Marty Homan told WNCN-TV.

The bridge was built last year and opened to vehicles in December.

Robert Bullock, the NCDOT engineer overseeing the I-40 widening project, said officials have heard from drivers concerned about the wall's angle a few times since it opened, but the optical illusion has no effect on the wall's integrity.

"The first part of the wall, sort of the wings area, the part as you are coming up, the contractor did build it a little straighter, so there is a slight turn some people notice, but other than that, that's what creates some of that illusion -- a visualization as of why it may seem to lean forward," Bullock said.


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