Escaped kangaroo captured after two days on the loose in Alabama

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March 4 (UPI) -- A kangaroo nicknamed "Jack" after escaping from its handlers in a small Alabama town was recaptured two days later, police said.

The kangaroo was supposed to spend a few days at a farm in Winfield before continuing on to the home of a buyer in Tennessee, but the marsupial slipped loose from one of its handlers Monday and fled.


The Winfield Police Department posted a photo Wednesday showing the recaptured kangaroo in custody. The department said the animal was healthy and uninjured.

Braxton Basinger, a member of the exotic animal transport crew, said the group has experience with a variety of species, but only limited experience with kangaroos.

Local resident Tiffany Perry captured video of the kangaroo hopping loose Monday evening. She said she attempted to approach the animal, but it fled into the nearby woods.

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