Unexploded World War II bomb detonated near British university

March 1 (UPI) -- Authorities in Britain said 2,600 properties had to be evacuated for the controlled explosion of an undetonated World War II bomb found at a construction site near the University of Exeter.

Devon and Cornwall Police said Royal Navy bomb disposal teams were summoned to the area Friday morning when crews at a construction site to the west of the university discovered what was suspected to be an explosive device from World War II.


Police later confirmed the object was a German SC 1000 Sprengbombe, commonly known as a Hermann Bomb.

The Royal Army evacuated the school and 2,600 nearby properties Saturday so the bomb disposal experts could conduct a controlled explosion of the object.

Witnesses said the explosion could be heard from several miles away when the bomb was detonated at 6:10 p.m. Saturday. No injuries were reported, but some residents reported they returned to their homes to find windows had been shattered by the blast.

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