Seal spotted wandering down sidewalk half a mile from the ocean

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Feb. 23 (UPI) -- A seal found wandering down a Canadian sidewalk half a mile from the nearest body of water was given a free ride back to shore in the back of a police car.

Lillian Reynolds said she looked out the kitchen window of her Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, home on Sunday morning and was shocked to see a seal making its way down the sidewalk.


"I had to take a double-take because I just couldn't believe what I was seeing," Reynolds told CBC News.

Reynolds said she called 911 and went outside to try to keep the seal safe from cars and other hazards while waiting for police to arrive. She said the animal was not grateful for her help.

"He was, I think, probably cursing at me in seal language," Reynolds said. "He was quite upset, but I don't blame him. I would be, too.

"I just said, you know, 'We're going to take care of you, don't worry about it.' Then he was like 'arr, arr, arr' at me."

Police arrived on the scene and attempted to wrap the seal in an emergency blanket, but the animal was not cooperative.


"He was slipping and sliding off the blanket," Reynolds said. "It was just like a TV show."

Police were finally able to wrangle the seal into the back of a police cruiser, and they gave the animal a half-mile ride to the nearest shore.

The department shared video of the seal hopping out of the back seat and making its way toward the water.

Wildlife officials in the area said they have been noting more instances of female seals wandering onto land this year because of the lack of sea ice in the area. They said the animals are looking for a safe place to deliver their pups.

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