Bomb squad finds 'suspicious package' contained cat, six newborn kittens

Feb. 22 (UPI) -- An Ohio bomb squad called to investigate a suspicious package outside a church ended up discovering the contents were more adorable than dangerous -- a cat and her six newborn kittens.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office said deputies from the bomb unit were summoned to the church in New Miami on a report of a "suspicious package" left outside a door, but when they approached the object, "they didn't hear ticking, they heard purring."


The package, a large gym bag, turned out to contain a cat and six kittens. A note inside the bag said the mother cat, Sprinkles, had given birth to the kittens the previous day.

The felines were taken to the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, where they were found to be in good health and were placed with a foster family.

The shelter said it will provide updates on Sprinkles and her kittens as the babies continue to grow and develop over the next two months.

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