Austrian cat completes 26 tricks in one minute for Guinness record

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Feb. 18 (UPI) -- An Austrian teenager and her pet cat are Guinness World Record holders after the feline successfully performed 26 tricks in one minute.

Guinness shared video of Anika Moritz, from Niederoesterreich, giving verbal and gesture instructions to her cat, Alexis, to get the feline to complete 26 tricks in one minute.


The tricks included Alexis weaving between Moritz's legs, giving a high five, ringing a bell with her paw, touching objects with her nose and opening a box with her mouth.

Moritz said she has had Alexis since she was 11 years old and she started training the feline to do tricks only a few weeks later.

"Alexis changed my life," Moritz said. "We are doing tricks since she is a kitten and she loves trick time so much. I would say that it is our both passion.

"Cats are such intelligent little creatures, who deserve to be treated well. ...Training enriches the cat's life and prevents behavior problems."

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