Texas authorities search for tiger cub spotted in back yard

Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Authorities in Texas said they are searching for a tiger cub caught on camera by woman out looking for her loose dog in San Antonio.

Azul Cruz said she was looking for her runaway dog, Bruno, when she spotted a tiger cub in a neighbor's yard and captured video.


"I was searching, and then my little cousin was like, 'I think that is a tiger over there,'" Cruz told KSAT-TV. "I looked, and it was a tiger.

"And I could tell it had jumped in my neighbor's yard because she is an older lady, and we have never seen a tiger over there before.

"I called 911, and they were like, 'Are you sure it is a tiger?' I said, 'Yes, I am sure it is a tiger. That is why I am calling you.'"

Animal Care Services said they spoke to a resident who said the tiger cub had been borrowed from a friend. The resident said the cub had climbed a fence into the woman's yard.

"We are still investigating. We don't have a credible location for the tiger just yet," said Shannon Sims, the interim ACS director. "We have had some pretty wild calls before. The monkey in the airport and things like that, but this is definitely the first tiger call."


Sims said tigers are legal to possess with the proper permits in Texas, but they are banned from the city.

"We have seen the tiger cubs before, and they are cute," Sims said. "But then they go from 10 pounds to 700, 800 pounds. Even if they are not trying to kill you, they are potentially lethal animals."

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