Mississippi city offering remote workers $6,000 to relocate

Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A Mississippi city is offering remote workers $6,000 to move to the municipality, buy a home and remain for at least one year.

Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson said the city's Shift South program is offering remote workers a one-time payment of $2,500 and a $300 monthly stipend for one year if they move to the city and buy a house worth at least $150,000.


"We are excited to be the first and only city in the Deep South to offer an incentive like this to remote workers," Gibson told CNN. "Our warm and friendly people, the [Mississippi] river at our feet, our history and our beautiful sunsets make Natchez a great city to call home."

The city said 30 slots are currently available to applicants who are employed as remote workers in the United States. The workers will be required to establish primary residency in Natchez.

"The pandemic has really been a wake-up call to what people have been feeling for a long time," Gibson said. "They're tired of the big cities, the high cost of living and the long commutes. With this offer, you can live in a beautiful, historic small town where everything is convenient and affordable."

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