Phoenix fire crew uses ladder truck to visit hospitalized co-worker

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Jan. 28 (UPI) -- An Arizona firefighter recently hospitalized with COVID-19 received an unusual visit from his co-workers when they used a ladder truck to drop by his window.

Dan Volcko, a 20-year veteran of the Phoenix Fire Department, said he was hospitalized when his case of COVID-19, to which he was exposed while on the job, turned severe.


"It was on the 10th day I noticed that my hands and feet started to get blue," Volcko told AZFamily. "My lips started to get blue."

Volcko said his spirits were lifted one day by an unexpected visit.

"I was in the bed, and there was this beeping sound," he said. "There's a very distinct beep when you back up the truck. I'm like that sounds a lot like a fire truck."

Volcko looked out his window and discovered some of his crew mates had backed a truck up to the building and extended the ladder to visit his window.

"It was a little emotional, but it was really nice to see him and give him that 'Hey, we're here for you, buddy,'" firefighter Scott Razo said.

Volcko said he drew strength from the surprise visit.


"I never expected to find myself in that situation needing the help, and I've never been in that position where they've had to come comfort and be supportive in that way, so that was an unbelievable experience," he said.

Volcko is now out of the hospital and recovering from the virus at home. He said he expects to be back on the job soon.

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