Missing cat lived in storm drain for nearly two months

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Jan. 13 (UPI) -- A cat that escaped from a California clinic was found to have been living in a storm drain for nearly two months before being recaptured and returned home.

Riverside County Animal Services said 8-month-old Jojo escaped from Animal Samaritans SPCA in Thousand Palms when he was brought in by owner Laodibet "Lala" Chavarria and her family.


"We brought him in to get neutered at Animal Samaritans and I guess something happened where the carrier dropped. Basically he fell and ran out, and he ended up just lost," Chavarria told KESQ-TV.

Jojo seemed to have vanished, with no sightings reported for weeks.

The feline was thought lost for good until nearly two months later, when Stephanie Castaneda, an animal care technician at the Thousand Palms Animal Campus.

Castaneda attempted to capture the cat, but he was evasive, so she left food out.

"Eventually, she left out a trap, figuring that would be the best approach to saving the cat from his adventurous, but dangerous ways. That worked," animal services said.

An Animal Samaritans employee heard of the capture and investigated to see if the cat rescued from the drain was Jojo.


Chavarria was reunited with Jojo at the shelter on Tuesday.

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