Michigan family reunited with pet cat five months after flood

Jan. 11 (UPI) -- A cat who went missing from a Michigan family's home during a flood in May 2020 was reunited with the family months later after being rescued by a couple named Flood.

Ashley and Jeremy Flood said they heard a cat meowing outside of their Midland County home on a recent snowy night, and they decided to help the feline when it returned the following day.


"She was visibly shaking and couldn't keep her paws on the snow anymore," Ashley Flood told WDIV-TV. "And so, at that point, we thought that she needed to come in."

The couple took the cat to the Humane Society of Midland County, which detected a microchip with the cat's information and owner's contact information.

The Humane Society contacted the owner of the cat, named Olive.

"The worker at the humane society had told me that they were skeptical it was actually their cat because they had lost her in the flood and it was just so long ago, they just thought she was gone," Ashley Flood said.

The family came to the facility to see the animal that had been brought in and were shocked to learn it was indeed Olive, who had gone missing when severe flooding swept through the area in May 2020.


The Floods said helping with the reunion brought them a lot of joy -- and led to several jokes.

"This one might take the cake, this is a pretty circumstantial ironic story we have going on where the Floods rescued a flood cat," Jeremy Flood told WNEM-TV. "We're flooded with emotion. The possibilities are endless."

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