Nova Scotia kite-surfer finds message in a bottle with diamond ring

Jan. 6 (UPI) -- A Nova Scotia man who went on the hunt for some lost kite-surfing equipment made an unexpected discovery -- a message in a bottle accompanied by a diamond ring.

Sebastien Allain said he was using some borrowed equipment when he went kite-surfing in Nova Scotia's Chezzetcook Bay and a strong gust of wind came along to ruin the experience.


"And there's a strong gust that came and just flicked the kite into the water, and the wind was offshore, so it drove the kite out to sea," Allain told CTV News.

Allain said he researched tides and winds and determined the kite may have ended up on one of several small islands nearby. He said he found the lost kite after about four hours of swimming and searching, and while on his way back to shore he found a bottle floating in the water.

He uncorked the bottle once he arrived home and found it discovered a three-page note and a small diamond ring.

"It's just crazy that I found the bottle and there was a diamond ring inside, and the funniest thing of all, is that I just proposed to my fiancee the week before," Allain said.


The note was authored by a man in his 70s who revealed he had been launching messages in bottles for about 30 years. The man wrote that the enclosed ring had belonged to his mother, who died in 2018.

Allain and his partner paid a visit to the man's home to bring him gifts and talk about his bottled messages.

"We brought him a little box of chocolates and stuff," Allain said.

The man told him a few of his bottles have been found over the years, including one that was discovered by a teacher and led to his receiving multiple Christmas cards from students.

Trina Davis Williams of Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, recently discovered a message in a bottle while walking on a local beach with her kids, daughter K'ah, 7, and son Kazai, 4. The message turned out to be from Orlando A. Thompson, an engineer who launched the bottle during his final voyage on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration boat Albatross IV.

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