Shark bites swimmer's fin at California beach

Jan. 5 (UPI) -- A California man who encountered a shark while swimming in the ocean said he came back to shore to discover the juvenile predator had attempted to bite his fin.

Phil Garn said he was wearing fins on his feet when he went for a swim in Coronado, and while in the water he felt something tug on one of his fins.


Garn said he turned and came face to face with a juvenile shark.

The swimmer came ashore and alerted lifeguards, who evacuated the rest of the swimmers from the water.

Garn said he was wearing longer fins than his usual pair and he suspects he might have sustained a serious injury if he had been wearing his shorter fins.

The swimmer is now calling on Coronado officials to install a system of buoys to track the movements of sharks in the area.

The fin is being examined by the Shark Lab at Cal State Long Beach.

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