Loose llama lassoed after 17 days on the lam

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Dec. 31 (UPI) -- A llama that jumped a fence on a New York state farm was safely recaptured after more than two weeks on the loose.

The 5-foot-tall, 300-pound animal, named Gizmo, was one of two llamas that escaped from Diana Heimann's farm shortly after they came to live on the property earlier this month.


Heimann said the llamas had only been at the farm for two days when they jumped the fence. One of the llamas was safely lassoed and returned to the farm shortly after the escape, but Gizmo eluded capture.

The Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery, which became involved in the efforts to locate Gizmo this week, said workers on a farm less than a mile from Heimann's home spotted Gizmo Wednesday and recognized the animal from local posters.

Heimann and a worker from her farm rushed to the scene and were able to lasso Gizmo and bring him home, 17 days after his escape.

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