Horse rescued from mud in 8-hour operation

Dec. 29 (UPI) -- Firefighters, police and members of the public participated in an hours-long operation to rescue a horse that became trapped in deep mud in the middle of a wooded area.

Keaghan Pike of Brookfield said her horse, a 7-year-old named Stetson, had only been on her farm for about six hours when he broke through a fence and ran about a half-mile into the woods off Garney Road, where he became stuck in the mud.


Pike said she attempted to guide Stetson out of the mud, but ended up waist-deep in mud herself.

"If you ran through the woods, which is what I did to find him, I followed his hoofprints and followed him to where he was. When I found him, he was already in the mud and I didn't realize the swamp was as deep as it was," Pike told WMUR-TV.

Wakefield firefighters arrived on the scene and were soon joined by police, Pike's farrier and a veterinarian.

"It was inches. They were moving him inches by inches. It wasn't feet by feet. It was inches by inches," Pike said.

Pike said the rescue lasted for about eight hours.


"There is so much to be emphasized on training and the proper equipment. You really can't be using human equipment on a 1,000-pound animal," Pike said. "These men were using brute force to get this horse out."

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