Man breaks Guinness record with 32.1-inch tower of tortillas

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Dec. 10 (UPI) -- An online entertainer broke a Guinness World Record when he created a tower of tortillas that measured 32.1 inches high.

Angel Zayas, 24, a drag queen and content creator for Buzzfeed's Pero Like, said it took him about 3 hours to stack the tortillas into a 32.1-inch pile that wouldn't topple over without extra support.


Zayas said he prepared for the record by practicing with various different kinds of tortillas to find he variety that stacks the easiest without tipping to far in any direction.

Guinness adjudicator Brittany Dunn witnessed the try virtually and certified that Zayas had created the world's tallest stack of tortillas.

"It feels so amazing and like I accomplished a childhood dream of mine," Zayas said of obtaining a Guinness World Record. "I am over the moon thinking about it."

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