China recommends flight attendants wear diapers

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Dec. 10 (UPI) -- China's aviation authority released new COVID-19 safety guidelines that include the suggestion that flight attendants wear diapers to avoid using plane lavatories.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China's document, titled Technical Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control for Airlines, offers suggestions for hygiene practices to prevent flight crew members from contracting the coronavirus.


The document, which includes recommendations for use of medical masks and other personal protective equipment, drew attention online for one unusual suggestion: "It is recommended that cabin crew members wear disposable diapers and avoid using the lavatories barring special circumstances to avoid infection risks."

The recommendation comes after a woman flying from Italy to South Korea in August contracted COVID-19 during her trip, and investigators cited her visit to the lavatory -- the only place on the plane where she removed her mask -- as a possible cause of her infection.

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