Quebec man reunited with lost class ring 40 years later

Nov. 11 (UPI) -- A Quebec man who found a class ring while out metal detecting in an athletic field was able to return the item to its owner, who said it was lost nearly 40 years earlier.

Steven Ambros said he has been metal detecting in the green spaces of Montreal's Verdun borough for years, and recently he was practicing his hobby in a local athletic field when he unearthed a Verdun High School graduation ring.


"This ring that I found was a silver men's ring," Ambros told CTV News. "And it was fairly deep so I knew it wasn't lost recently."

The ring was engraved with the initials CEW, and the members of a Facebook page for Verdun High School alumni were able to identify the ring's likely owner as Curt Edward Wakeling.

"I got a phone call. I got a phone call from a girl I went to school with," Wakeling said. "And she said 'Curt, did you lose your grad ring?'"

Wakeling said he lost his ring almost 40 years ago, the summer after his senior year. He said he knew the ring had fallen off his finger, but he had never been sure of exactly where he had lost it.


"It only fits on the pinky now, the other fingers don't have a chance, but it does fit," he said.

He said the ring has immense sentimental value to him.

"It's not about the ring per se, it's the memories. It took me back 40 years," Wakeling said.

A New Hampshire man's class ring was recently returned to him after being lost for an even longer period of time -- 53 years.

Kathy Rowell, of Barrington, said her husband, Steve, lost his Spaulding High School class ring in 1967, when it slipped off his finger while he was skipping stones with his brothers at Drew's Pond.

The pond recently became partially drained due to drought conditions, leading Rowell to enlist the help of neighbors to search for her husband's long-lost ring. A neighbor with a metal detector was able to find the ring in the muck and return it to the couple.

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