Sheep found wandering loose through Virginia city

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Nov. 6 (UPI) -- Animal control officers in Virginia's capital city captured a sheep found wandering loose through a neighborhood, and the animal's origins remain a mystery.

Richmond Animal Care and Control said officers responded to the Hey Road area this week when a resident reported there was a sheep wandering loose.


"Our officers received a call on the phone that there was a sheep, and we were like, 'Ha, yeah right,' and then we got there, and there really was a sheep," animal care director Christie Chipps Peters told WRIC-TV.

"We have never had a sheep at out shelter, and I don't know why this year seems to trend to the barnyard animals."

Chipps Peters said the sheep seems very used to human contact.

"When the sheep walked in today to the shelter, we all needed a bit of a smile, and he delivered in that capacity," Chipps Peters said. "He lets everyone pet him, he lays his head in your lap and against your leg when you pet him, so he know what love means."

The sheep is being housed at the Richmond Police Department Mounted Unit's barn.


Animal Care and Control said the sheep will remain on hold for six days while authorities wait to see if someone claims the animal. If it remains unclaimed, it will become available for adoption.

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