100-year-old disc golf player breaks Guinness record with long throw

Nov. 5 (UPI) -- A 100-year-old California man who took up disc golf at age 90 set a Guinness World Record when he lobbed a disc a distance of 189 feet.

Don Shinn, a South Korea native and former Judo instructor who took up disc golf to keep active, threw a disc 189 feet, a new Guinness World Record for the over-100 age bracket.


"It's so nice for me to keep practicing because it makes me strong," Shinn told KSWB-TV. "Not only physically, but mentally as well."

Shinn said he is proud of his world record, but he feels like he can beat it again.

"In order to achieve what I have in mind is to keep practicing," he said. "If I do a little better, I'm happy more than anything else."

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