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'Top Gear' host breaks Guinness record in speedy ice cream van

A British TV host broke a Guinness World Record when he took an electric ice cream van to a top speed of 80.04 mph.


Paddy McGuinness, one of the hosts of the BBC's Top Gear, broke the record for the world's fastest electric ice cream van at the Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, England.

McGuinness' ice cream truck, dubbed "Mr. Nippy," was constructed using a 1979 Bedford CF ice cream van, the chassis from a 1980 Land Rover 110, a Tesla running gear drive and batteries made by Tesla and Mercedes.

The van had to have features commonly associated with ice cream vans, including a serving hatch, a cooling system and the ability to dispense soft-serve ice cream.

The top speed of 80.04 mph beat the previous record of 73.921 mph, which was set in March by Edd China.

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