Student travels across 100 meters of slip 'n slide in 10 seconds

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Oct. 13 (UPI) -- An Idaho college student may have set a Guinness World Record when he traversed 100 meters of slip 'n slide in 10.4 seconds.

Jeff Roper, a mechanical engineering major at Brigham Young University-Idaho, used dirt trenches, painter's tarps and a garden hose to create the long slip 'n slide course near his grandparents' home south of Ammon.


Witnesses including Bonneville County Sheriff's Office deputies were on hand to watch as Roper reached a top speed of 32 mph while sliding across the tarps.

Roper traversed 100 meters -- 328 feet -- in 10.4 seconds.

The student said he submitted evidence from the attempt to Guinness World Records and expects to hear by late January whether his feat was accepted.

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