'Silence of the Lambs' house for sale in Pennsylvania

Oct. 7 (UPI) -- The Pennsylvania house made famous as the home of serial killer Buffalo Bill in 1991 horror film Silence of the Lambs is being listed for just under $300,000.

The Perryopolis home, originally built in 1910, served as a pivotal location for Silence of the Lambs, and several of the film's iconic scenes were filmed in its rooms.


Eileen Allan, who is teaming up with her sister, Shannon Assad, to sell the home for Berkshire Hathaway, said the house is in a much cleaner condition than it was when it served as the serial killer's residence.

"In the movie they kind of trashed the house and made it look really neglected and kind of destroyed inside," Allan told NBC's Today show. "It's way nicer in person."

The home is being listed for $298,500, and Allan said there has already been some interest. She said that if the property doesn't sell by Halloween, she is considering bringing in a psychic medium to the home for a live stream.

"We thought we'd see if she sees any spirits or feels any spirits," Allan said.

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