Lost wedding ring found after two years at Vermont reservoir

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Oct. 5 (UPI) -- A New Jersey man was reunited with his wedding ring two years after he lost it during a day at a reservoir in Vermont.

Lou Rider said he and his family drove from New Jersey to the Waterbury Reservoir for a Labor Day weekend family reunion in 2018, and he didn't discover until he was in the car to drive home that his wedding ring was missing from his finger.


"We were from one end of the reservoir to the other. We were in and out of the boats, hiking through, jumping with the rocks and everything, so we were everywhere," Rider told WVNY/WFFF.

The ring was thought to be lost forever, until Lorraine Tallcott, Rider's aunt, was reading an online forum for residents of her area in Vermont. and saw a post that a man's wedding ring had been found at Waterbury Reservoir.

Tallcott discovered a man visiting from out of state had found the ring at the reservoir and handed it off to a local family, who posted about it on the forum.

The ring was confirmed to be Rider's missing wedding band, and it was returned to him via mail.


"It is in perfect condition after being out in the elements for two years, you know, with the snow and ice and everything, it's amazing. It's just in the same condition it was when I lost it," he said.

A New Hampshire man's story of losing his class ring involved a similar body of water -- but a much longer period of time. Steve Rowell of Barrington lost his Spaulding High School class ring when it slipped off his fingers while he was skipping stones at Drew's Pond in 1967.

Repeated attempts were made to locate the ring over the years, but his wife, Kathy, renewed her efforts to find it when a recent drought caused the pond to partially drain. She enlisted the help of a neighbor with a metal detector and the ring was returned to Rowell's finger 53 years after it flew into the water.

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