Flash of light seen over the East Coast likely a meteor, experts say

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Oct. 1 (UPI) -- Residents on the East Coast, Ohio and Pennsylvania captured video of an unusually bright fireball in the sky that experts said was likely a meteor traveling at a high speed.

Dashboard cameras and home security cameras recorded the flash of light in the sky just prior to 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, and the nonprofit American Meteor Society said there were more than 700 reported sightings of the fireball.


The society said the fireball is believed to be a random meteor not associated with any known meteor showers.

Expert Ralph Crewe said the meteor was unusually bright.

"We saw a really exceptional meteor, which is when a piece of debris from outer space, either rock or metal, hits the atmosphere," Crewe told KDKA-TV.

He said it's rare to see a fireball so bright over a populated area.

"They actually happen pretty frequently but not usually in over-populated areas. Most of the Earth is the ocean, so we're lucky to get to see one like this," he said.

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