Watch: Man breaks Guinness record with 24 Nerf dart hits in 1 minute

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Sept. 28 (UPI) -- An Idaho man broke his own Guinness World Record when he got 24 shots from a single-load Nerf gun to stick to a target in 1 minute.

David Rush, who has broken more than 150 Guinness records to promote STEM education, originally broke the record in 2018 when he fired 16 Nerf darts into a target.


He lost the record shortly after and broke it again in 2019 with 19 darts.

Rush said he wanted to break the record a third time to make his total more difficult to beat.

"The slowest part of this record is getting the next foam dart in the chamber and cocking it," Rush said. "If you move too fast, it's easy to start pushing on the dart before it's perfectly lined up with the hole."

He said moving too fast can cause the darts to bend, which affects their accuracy.

Rush fired off 27 darts in the 1-minute time period. Only one dart missed the target completely, and two others struck the target but bounced off other darts, Rush said.

He finished his latest attempt with 24 hits that remained on the target.


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