Watch: Man reunited with hurricane-blown photo of late wife

Sept. 24 (UPI) -- An Alabama man whose beloved photo of his late wife was swept out of his vehicle by winds from Hurricane Sally was reunited with the picture thanks to some strangers and social media.

Scott Christmas said the photo of his late wife, Amy Christmas, normally adorns the dashboard of his Jeep.


"It was our wedding day at a chapel in Seaside," Christmas told WALA-TV.

Christmas, whose wife died three years ago after a battle with brain cancer, said the photo was swept out of his vehicle by remnant winds from Hurricane Sally while he and his daughter were traveling to Point Clear on Sept. 16 to check on Amy's grave.

"As soon as I opened the door a gust came through because my little girl's window was down and the picture in question took off," he said.

Christmas said he thought the photo was lost forever until Monday, when a friend told him to check his Facebook notifications.

He had been tagged repeatedly in the comments of a post on the What's Happening in Fairhope Facebook group.

Kimberly Daniels Hanson wrote her husband, Bjarke Hansen, had found the photo when they returned to their Fairhope home to check on the damage.


"Suddenly, I saw something laying over here in the grass... It was upside down. A piece of paper I thought. I lifted it up and saw it was a beautiful woman on the picture... and thought -- oh, who could that be," Bjarke Hansen said.

Christmas said he was touched by the couple's desire to return the photo -- as well as the comments on the Facebook post.

"There she was on the What's Happening in Fairhope page. But more than anything to watch old patients I didn't know say -- hey that's Dr. Christmas -- she was my favorite doctor. Best doctor ever. I just sat there with tears and enjoying that for two or three hours," he said.

The photo was returned to Christmas, who thanked its rescuers in a Facebook post.

"Thank you Kimberly and Bjarke. You all were a light within a storm," he wrote.

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