Watch: Hawk rescued from front grille of car in Massachusetts

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Sept. 16 (UPI) -- A red-tailed hawk is recovering from its injuries and will soon be released back into the wild after being rescued from the front grille of a car that struck the bird on a Massachusetts highway.

Arlington Animal Control said an officer responded to a call for help from a driver who reported a hawk stuck in the front grille of his car.


The man told the officer he had struck the bird on the highway and kept driving for about an hour before discovering it was stuck in his front grille.

"The driver had told me on the phone that he used a shovel to try to get the hawk out. I couldn't believe it. When I arrived I thought for sure the hawk (an adult Red Tailed Hawk) was dead," the animal control officer wrote in a Facebook post. "As I tried to see how best to free it I thought I saw the tiniest movement in its wing."

The officer was able to extract the hawk and was surprised to see the bird open its eyes and beak.

The hawk was taken to Tufts Wildlife Hospital in North Grafton, where veterinarians said the bird is now standing and eating on its own. The hawk is expected to be released back into the wild once it is fully recovered.


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