Residents rescue donkey with plastic chair stuck around its head

Sept. 2 (UPI) -- A group of United Arab Emirates residents came to the rescue of a donkey spotted wandering loose with a plastic chair stuck around its head and neck.

Salem Al Kaabi, 43, said he was driving to his farm in Masfut, Ajman, when he spotted the donkey wandering with a plastic chair stuck around its face and neck.


"Our town is close to Hatta and many visitors come to the area during the weekend so I guess the ‎chair was left behind by them," Al Kaabi told The National. "Municipality workers work hard to keep the area clean and people should avoid leaving ‎rubbish behind."

Al Kaabi summoned some friends and family members to the scene to help remove the chair. A video of the rescue shows him using a handsaw to cut through the chair while his helpers hold the animal still.

He said once the chair was removed, he discovered it had dug into the animal's skin, leaving wounds.

"I am familiar in dealing with animals as I raise livestock at my farm, so I asked one of the men to ‎go to the veterinary clinic and grab a disinfectant wound spray for animals," Al Kaabi said.


He said the donkey's wounds were disinfected before he set the animal free.

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